decoking unit view from top


Pigging and Decoking

Do you want a new Decoking Machine that saves you time and money and run your heaters more efficiently?

Idrojet S.r.l., in collaboration with engineers and industry specialists, designed a new system called “H.D.T.” for decoking.
This new system with the use of piggs, designed for ad hoc, and low pressure water, is capable of removing carbone coke residues, and not only, depositing inside the refinery’s pipelines.

hdt schema
Our decoking units can be mounted inside a container or on a trailer, allowing two pipelines to be cleaned at the same time with only two operators, as the machines are equipped with two motors and two workstations. In addition, the hydro decoking system does not use any chemicals to damage pipelines and has a low environmental impact.
We offer in our after sales service, staff training, in order to use the unit as best as we have a testing area in our factory, also through IDM S.r.l.we can rent our units.

grafico pigg
By using pressure transmitters that send data to data recorders, we can in real time monitor pigs and quickly find problem areas